Polar Express Christmas Party 2018

We are so excited to announce that we will be having a Polar Express Pajama Christmas Party this year. On Friday December 14th we will have our VDC Christmas Party in true "POLAR EXPRESS" fashion. We will decorate cookies, exchange gifts and watch the "Polar Express" all while wearing our most comfy PJ's.

We ask that each child in the infant and toddler room bring a book to exchange or open, and each child in the Little Movers Room, the Big Movers and the Preschool Room bring one gender matching gift (boys bring a boy's gift, girls bring a girl's gift) to exchange with their classmates. (Please consider $5-$10 range.) If you wish for your child to receive the book/gift they bring, please discuss this with your child's teacher prior to the party so we could can make appropriate arrangements.

Each child will also need to bring one bag of candy to share with their class (No small hard candies or dum dum suckers please.) Infants will need to bring one container of puffs or yogurt melts.  Please see classroom numbers at the bottom of this page.

Children are encouraged but not required to wear pajamas. Hard sole shoes must be worn at all times at daycare. We are not responsible for torn or stained pajamas. We will start decorating cookies at 2:30 p.m. so get here early!

Important Dates to Remember:
December 5th- Hot Cocoa and Santa
December 14th-  Polar Express Christmas Party
December 14th-Last Day to donate socks for the OSFS
December 19th-Jan 2nd- County Schools are CLOSED.
(Please refer to the Christmas Break handout for pricing details for school age children during Christmas Break.)

December 20th- School age children will deliver socks to the nursing home.
December 24th & 25th- VDC is CLOSED! Merry Christmas!
December 31st & January 1st- VDC is CLOSED! Happy New Year!

Santa and Hot Cocoa!

What could be better than Hot Cocoa with Santa Claus?!? Wednesday December 5th, Santa will visiting VDC. We will sing songs, read a book, and drink hot cocoa. The children will also have the opportunity to visit with Santa. Santa will arrive around 9:00 so get here early! Bring your letter for Santa and drop them in the box labeled NORTH POLE located right by the front door.

What are we learning?

Mrs. Pam's class will be learning about the letters Hh and Ss. They will also be learning about the numbers 56-65, the shape of the hexagon, and star. Mrs. Pam's class will be covering the colors yellow and brown.

Mrs.Cierra's and Mrs. Alesia's class will be learning about the letters J,K,L. They will also be covering the number 4 and 5, the shape of the star and the color yellow.

Each class will study the following themes for December

Cooking Safety

Fairy Tales

5 Senses



What's for Breakfast


What's for Breakfast

M:Kix Cereal, Milk and Juice
T: Cheese Toast, Peaches and Milk
W: Cheerios Cereal, Peaches and Juice
T: Waffles, Bananas, and Milk
F: Rice Crispy, Milk and Juice

 What's for Lunch?
M:Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper, Green Beans, Applesauce, Bread and Milk
T: Corndogs, Baked Beans, French Fries and Milk
W: Cheese Pizza with Extra Cheese, Garden Salad, Corn, Pineapples and Milk
T: Soft Taco with Lettuce and Cheese, Sour Cream and Salsa, Rice, Pinto Beans, Apple Slices and Milk
F: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Chips and Dip, Veggie Sticks , Slices Strawberries and Milk

What's for Snack?
M: Animal Crackers with Mandarin Oranges and Milk
T: Cheese Crackers and Juice
W: Yogurt with Pears  with Water
T: Fruit Cups and Wheat Thins with Juice
F: Goldfish, Mandarin Oranges and Water




Operation Slippers for Seniors 2018

"Operation Slippers For Seniors" was such a success last year that we have decided to do it again! We will be making home-made non slip socks for the elderly and hand delivering them before Christmas. Sadly upwards of 60% of nursing home residents have very few if any visitors during the Holidays. We at VDC feel it is imperative to teach children the importance of caring and giving. So we have created "Operations Slippers For Seniors" to do just that. We are simply asking for donations of unopened packs of white socks. With these socks the children will make non-slip socks using puffy paint and their imagination. They will also be creating home-made Christmas Cards to accompany the socks. Children grades 3rd-6th will have the opportunity to personally deliver these gifts to the residents upon parents' permission. This was a great success last year and the experience was even more wonderful not only for the residents but also the children. The interaction between the two was truly priceless. Thanks for all your help and support!

Right now the tentative date for delivering the socks is December 20, 2018. So we are asking that all sock donations be in by December 14th, 2018.  However this could change upon nursing home's discretion. If you work in the home health field and have any patients that you feel we could bless this Christmas please let us know! We will do our best to make some for you to hand out as well.

Vinemont Daycare Center LLC

As December 25th approaches, let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas.